Not everyone likes those street lights of ours; but such a perfect stillness of sea as we had that night have them back to us, out of the mirror, rich wavering nets and labyrinths of light.

Stromness facts

Hudson's Bay in CanadaShips of the Hudson's Bay Company were regular visitors, as were whaling fleets. However, trade really took off for Stromness during the late 17th century, when England was at war with France and shipping was forced to avoid the English Channel.

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Stromness Herring FleetHerring fishing fleet stimulated the growth of Stromness in the 19th century - and sometimes inflated its census returns as temporary labour was counted. Early last century it recorded a larger population than Kirkwall.

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  1. Franklin's View
  2. Ferry to Scrabster
  3. Swimming Pool
  4. Squash Court
  5. Stromness Marina
  6. Ferry to Hoy
  7. Library
  8. Museum
  9. Golf Course
  10. Brinkies Brae
Narrow close in Stromness, OrkneySouth End of Stromness in the Orkney Islands Victoria Street in Stromness, Orkney